Hi there, readers!

It’s official, the school year has begun and with it, Pastry School has too.

Last Saturday was my very first class and boy, what a start! We headed right to the basics… what can you do with some butter, sugar, eggs and flour? Lots of wonders, I can say now!

Just those 4 ingredients? YES! The teacher did an apple cake, a marble bundt cake, banana and granola muffins, blueberry muffins, brownies and even some meringues to decorate!

In my attempt to make at least one of the recipes shown in class, today I’m making Candid Orange Pound Cake… mostly because I have 2 oranges in my fridge, and I’ve done a lot of pound cakes to practice this week and I haven’t done an orange one yet. :) You’ll have to understand that I have time and I bake… that’s kinda what I do now. I bake the same thing over and over again. Friends are more than grateful I can say :)

Candid Orange Pound Cake: (get used to me posting everything in grammes now…. )

– 200 g butter, room temp.

– 200 g sugar

– 200 g eggs

– 200 g flour

– 10 g  baking powder


– 50 g orange juice

– zest of one orange

– 50 g flour (add equal quantities of extra liquid – lemon juice – and flour so that you don’t it to liquid)

– one orange, sugar and water to decorate.

Pre-heat the oven at a bit higher than low temperature (every oven is different when it comes to this). Butter a pan and put it in the fridge.

Cream butter and sugar with a mixer, until you have a soft cream. Incorporate, one by one, the eggs and beat well so that you have the same texture you had before you added the egg. Remember it’s very important to take your time while doing this, because it is what is going to make the cake softer and lighter.

Once you have your “cream” done, mix in the orange juice and zest. Now incorporate all the flour and baking powder just until you get the original soft cream texture. By now you’re pretty much done….

Take the pan out of the fridge and put the mixture in it.

Put it in the oven for about an hour or until you put a wooden stick into it and it comes out clean. Today you don’t have to worry about opening the oven’s door… nothing can disturb you cake!

Once it’s out of the oven, in a small sauce-pan put some sugar, like 100 grammes, and cover it with a bit of water, JUST until it’s wet! Now heat it up and don’t move it or touch it. It will slowly start to boil and when it does, you’ve done some syrup!

Assamble some orange slices on top of you cake and with a spoon pour the syrup all over it.

Let cool completely before cutting and serving.

You can use this recipe and put your imagination to work to create a much original cake! Think chocolate, raisins, blueberries, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, nuts…. you name it!

Try this, have some fun and I’ll see you all next week…. with something new right out of Pastry School!