“Fernando? what tha… who is Fernando?”

Don’t worry. You are not supposed to know him. Well, it is not a him, actually.

This cupcakes are made with Fernet cream and Coca Cola cake, in great honor of a well-known drink from Argentina. The “Fernando”, for which you put  1/10 Fernet in a glass and fill the rest with coke.

So now you know him.

I’m quite sure something like this has been made before. I’m SURE. However, i never actually thought of doing anything with Fernet… in my life! Mostly because I’m not a big fan of it. It’s bitter and really strong. Tastes kind of like medicine. It used to be used as one, so i guess it makes sense hehe!

Still, it is one of the most common drinks in Argentina along sides with beer, Quilmes beer that is.

It all started because a friend of mine, Matias, send me an email joking about how he wanted me to make him fernet cupcakes.

“He’s just mad. How in the world is that ever gonna be possible??” was my first reaction. But after a couple months thinking about it (and Matias pushing me to do it for when he comes back from a season in Utah) I decided to give it a try.

Trust me, even I liked them!



So this is the first post. Good! I mean, I finally got the blog up and working and it’s time to write the very first post.

It’s not like i’m nervous or anything… well, perhaps nervous is not the word for it… exited or frightened would be a better fit.

See, thing is i love to write journals and every day stuff. I’ve always loved to do those assignments where your supposed to write about what you did in the summer, or what you did for the holidays, or how you celebrated your birthday, or… However, writing the firsts lines is the most difficult part of it. I just don’t know where to start!

So to start-up this blog i not only had to think about what was i gonna write about, but also what recipe i was gonna make! This turned up to be more complicated than getting my driver’s license! And boy, that was hard!

After a whole week of thinking and researching, i run across this recipe from the Martha Stewart’s website and i had to give it a try.

I’m not used to working with chocolate, mainly because i’m not that into chocolate. I know, i know… you must be thinking “WTF! who is this girl? she’s not THAT into chocolate and yet she adventures herself into a baking blog??”

Yes, that’s me. The crazy girl who prefers dulce de leche over chocolate :) Hi! nice to meet you all!

But like i’ve said, i had to give it a try to get familiar with the “chocolate man” And let me tell you, it was an instant crush! Such an easy recipe and such a great result!

Chocolate is a great way to get to know each other. Molten Mocha Cakes are the perfect excuse to bring friends together for coffee on a busy afternoon , or relax yourself at night after an exhausting day in the office. Or at least that’s what i’ve heard. Hasn’t happened to me yet. Hey! Wait! I take that back! i’m taking a molten mocha cake over to my friend’s house later today… so i guess it’s true.