Hi there, readers!

It’s official, the school year has begun and with it, Pastry School has too.

Last Saturday was my very first class and boy, what a start! We headed right to the basics… what can you do with some butter, sugar, eggs and flour? Lots of wonders, I can say now!

Just those 4 ingredients? YES! The teacher did an apple cake, a marble bundt cake, banana and granola muffins, blueberry muffins, brownies and even some meringues to decorate!

In my attempt to make at least one of the recipes shown in class, today I’m making Candid Orange Pound Cake… mostly because I have 2 oranges in my fridge, and I’ve done a lot of pound cakes to practice this week and I haven’t done an orange one yet. :) You’ll have to understand that I have time and I bake… that’s kinda what I do now. I bake the same thing over and over again. Friends are more than grateful I can say :)