Howdy dears!

I hope you’d had a great week since my last post, I  had one myself. Since last Wednesday I went to work 5 days, had 2 days off, had 1 night out with the girls and made apple cinnamon cake. I think it was a pretty good week, right?

And to top it all off, today my best friend told me she was totally into going on vacations together!

In early December, I took a job at a hotel here in Buenos Aires -mainly- as a waitress. I like it there, i mean i’ve never worked as a waitress before, so it was a good opportunity to learn more about the whole F&B depertment in a hotel.

So the same day i had my last final in school, i started working. Nine hours a day, 5 days a week  for 3 months. Easy, right?

Well thing is, i now realized that as soon as my contract ends, my school year begins … not such a great idea now, is it? This means i have basically no vacations until NEXT year. And that of course being no vacation at all, since i’ll go to the States to work next winter!

I couldn’t get my head arround it, i would have gone nuts if i’d done this! Therefor, i told the people at the hotel that i was terminating my contract, ergo, turning in my resignation by the end of this month, so that i could have at least 2 weeks of doing whatever it was i wanted to do right before starting college again.

I did this like a week ago, and i’ve been wanting to ask my friend if she wanted to go on a little road trip with me for a couple of days, as a symbolism of “my year has finally ended, let’s get the new one rolling, please!”

Today we finally got to talk about it and we decided that we are taking perhaps 3 days to go to a very close small town called Chascomus. It has a lagoon and a lot of “estancias” that work as rural hotels… such a lovely place to go to and relax, go horse back riding or canoeing!

My mind is already by the pool, reading a book… it does not want to go back to work tomorrow, but it has to, i still have 20 more days to go before i can stop and make my braing go blank!

Meanwhile, as to relax a bit before starting my week, i made Apple Cinnamon Cake yet again. The girls at work have been demanding this cake for 2 weeks now, so it was about time i made it!



So this is the first post. Good! I mean, I finally got the blog up and working and it’s time to write the very first post.

It’s not like i’m nervous or anything… well, perhaps nervous is not the word for it… exited or frightened would be a better fit.

See, thing is i love to write journals and every day stuff. I’ve always loved to do those assignments where your supposed to write about what you did in the summer, or what you did for the holidays, or how you celebrated your birthday, or… However, writing the firsts lines is the most difficult part of it. I just don’t know where to start!

So to start-up this blog i not only had to think about what was i gonna write about, but also what recipe i was gonna make! This turned up to be more complicated than getting my driver’s license! And boy, that was hard!

After a whole week of thinking and researching, i run across this recipe from the Martha Stewart’s website and i had to give it a try.

I’m not used to working with chocolate, mainly because i’m not that into chocolate. I know, i know… you must be thinking “WTF! who is this girl? she’s not THAT into chocolate and yet she adventures herself into a baking blog??”

Yes, that’s me. The crazy girl who prefers dulce de leche over chocolate :) Hi! nice to meet you all!

But like i’ve said, i had to give it a try to get familiar with the “chocolate man” And let me tell you, it was an instant crush! Such an easy recipe and such a great result!

Chocolate is a great way to get to know each other. Molten Mocha Cakes are the perfect excuse to bring friends together for coffee on a busy afternoon , or relax yourself at night after an exhausting day in the office. Or at least that’s what i’ve heard. Hasn’t happened to me yet. Hey! Wait! I take that back! i’m taking a molten mocha cake over to my friend’s house later today… so i guess it’s true.