Breakfast … the most awesome meal of them all.

I like breakfast… I don’t like getting up in the morning, but breakfast makes it better. The smell of fresh coffee, warm toasts and, occasionally, muffins and mascarpone cheese!

I came across a lovely recipe for homemade mascarpone cheese yesterday morning (because for some reason I was up at 8.25 am) and I had to make it. Just had to. I mean, why not? The recipe only called for cream and lemon juice and I happen to have both in my fridge.

I had just made banana muffins before I found the cheese recipe… so I cleaned out the kitchen and started cooking again!

Making it took me about 30-40 minutes and then 24 hs in the fridge until it’s completly done.

So having made the muffins and the mascarpone cheese, all I had to do was wait for breakfast and enjoy all the hard work!!